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Post 29


Azora dodges his way through the melee to reach Admiral Toenail. He begins to frantically explain to the Admiral that the Gnome riding the griffon is in fact a Zhenatrim Skymage spy and his griffon, a Nightmare! "They have a powerful illusion over them!" Azora yells over the firing of muskets. "Gwepp Del Mu Mu!" the Admiral yells back. Azora points again "Enemy!" The Admiral points at the circling griffon and rider "Frund! Friunds!" Azora brings his hands to his face in frustration and begins to look around for an interpreter.

Lazzard re-corks the empty bottle, then looks at it quickly. "Right then" he says to more or less to himself, then launches the bottle in the direction of the sky mage. The bottle flies through the air, tumbling and yawing all the distance. Lazzard looks on with his mouth wide open. The empty bottle strikes the wizard right in the head and shatters, throwing shards of glass everywhere. The gnome who has to mop the poop deck later lets out a loud grumble.

Wympbumbe takes a breath to calm his nerves. "We've defeated the Zhentarim before, we'll do it again." He thinks. Caring little for his own safety Wympbumpe finds a line behind the mage and takes a running leap at him on horseback trying to backstab. Due to huge height disparity Wympbumpe's perfectly placed attacks misses. He tries to grab onto the nightmare's mane but slides off the demon steed and rolls on the ground. Wympbumpe then lays the musket on the ground and and from a crouched position shoots his claw out for the mage in the hope of dismounting him. Startled by they hail of musket fire, he fires the claw wildly and misses. He then starts to reload, Wympbumpe curses in Gnomish hoping he can get a couple of shots off before it's too late.

Dominu charges the Nightmare swinging his mighty axe which crashes and lodges in the side of the beast. "Back to the Nine-Hells with thee, ye evil beast!" Domuni yells after wrestling the axe free. The open wound spills hot black blood onto the deck of the ship. The blood sizzles and smoke trails curl up into the air as the deck is slowly eaten away as if acid was upon it!

Larper pulls his bastard sword out of the deck of the ship where the tip was buried after his missed attack. It is his first battle and he has done nothing to help. He is determined to return home a hero. Years of bottled, frustrated youthful angst well in his heart and he explodes into an angry roar, startling the bustling gnomes... until his voice cracks. He pays no mind to the smirks and recklessly charges the Skymage, screaming bloody murder.

His bastard sword bites it's way home into the leg of the startled Skymage. Larper yanks it out and plunges it straight through the Mage's back. The bloody sword tip protrudes from the mage's chest. Larper twists the sword as the mage futily clutches at the blade. The mage slumps over while the Nightmare itself tries to take off and flee the scene.

(1 Zhentarim SkyMage DEAD *200 XP to everyone* Additional *600 XP to Larper for KILLING BLOW*)

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Post 28

PCs & the Gnomes & Zhentarim Sky Mage VS. Nightmare
Round 3

Wympbumpe falls yet again, to what is most certainly his demise. He tries to yell but his voice is hoarse from screaming in terror earlier. He then closes his mind and shoots out his claw at what he thinks to be the direction of the ship. The claw latches onto the railing on the deck causing him to swing dangerously [dex check], smashing himself into the hull. Wympbumpe starts climbing [strength check] while in excruciating pain, fighting off unconsciousness, finally flopping onto the deck exhausted. He unstraps his musket, feebly standing and preparing to charge into battle yet again.

Larper waits for the Nightmare to circle back around and attacks with his bastard sword. His attack falls very short of the beast as the flames stream past him at lightning speed.

Dominu stands in the path of the Nightmare. The Nightmare charges, taking Dominu up on his challenge. Dominu stands there stoic and unyielding to the beast. At this time the Nightmare's flames explode around it and increase in intensity! Domuni slowly hefts his axe above his head and waits. The beast finally reaches him and the flames reach out licking at his face. The axe comes down and crunches into the head, at the same time Dominu rolls to the side dodging the majority of the beast. His hair and robes catch fire, but not badly and Dominu rolls on the ground to extinguish them.

To avoid any confusion Azora pulls out a dagger and swiftly stabs it into the Skymage's left upper arm. After that Azora assumes a defensive posture against the skymage and Nightmare while looking frantically for the Admiral of the airship. Soon the Skymage is distracted, and Azora begins to bolt for Admiral Toenail.

After suffering the fall, Lazzard lays still on the deck of the ship. His back injury from long ago has now been agitated once again. That was the last time Lazzard ever jumped out of a prostitute’s window to escape her angry husband. It took him six months to recover from that injury. Now, facing the dilemma of a six month rest in the bed, or losing his job with the flying gnomes, Lazzard reaches into his pouch and removes the witches healing potion he has been saving up for all these months. He hopes it has not fermented like the last one he swallowed when the gnomes accidently harpooned him through the bowels. He uncorks the potion and plugs his nose....... Down it goes. The majority of his injuries are healed!

As the Nightmare continues on it's path the second group of gnomes takes aim and fires. This time the majority of the volley find their target. The Nightmare suddenly turns and runs to the Zhentarim Skymage who reaches out for his mount. The two make contact and in an instant the mage is upon his mount who turns and prepares to fly straight up into the sky.

Whoever can respond before FRIDAY JAN 09 can have 2 free actions! 1 must be to bridge the gap between you and enemy if you choose that course of action. Then you may have 1 free attack. If you choose to do something else before they escape you have 2 rounds (2 moves). Please make sure you make them according to the new format and email them to me as soon as you can. You must address these moves as Nightmare Final Round. To save time you might as well also send any additional actions that you want to do in the next POST in a seperate email titled POST BATTLE MOVES.

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Post 27

PCs & the Gnomes & Zhentarim Sky Mage VS. Nightmare
Round 2

Lazzard leaps from the crows nest with his blade in hand, attempting to make a crazed attack upon the Nightmare from a high location. Everyone on the main deck witnesses a tiny gnome leaping from around 30 feet above and falling straight down on his face upon the deck. Lazzard does not move, not even a twitch. Hopefully he's alive, that was a long fall.

YES! Got 'im!" Wympbume exclaims after the shot is fired.

"Just a couple o' volleys of lead otta teach this Zhentarim scum a lesson." He thinks as he kneels to reload. Then a sudden thought as he's about to uncork the powder horn. "I'm upside down.... this may not be the best time to reload."

Wympbumpe slings the musket over his shoulder, reattaches the safety strap and
grabs his extending claw from the clasp on his armor. "HMmmmm.... this just might work." He takes a quick look around as he stands again making sure no other enemies are coming from below.

Looking to gauge his trajectory, Wympbumpe moves to intercept the wizard's flight. Then the sudden drop. The magnetism stops, his boots detach, Wympbumpe falls.......... his stomach sinks to his feet then to his throat. With a jerk his safety line becomes taut.

"Are we goin' down?" He thinks as he screams.

He sees the hull of the ship fall past him, then suddenly he's in the rigging! Adrenaline pumping he thinks "If I die here today, I hope I my actions served the Gnomish Empire well."

Then steam belches from the ship and his boots clamp onto the metal bracings on
the mast. He whispers a prayer "For generations our family has served you Flandal Steelskin. Now we need you with us today. Let my ancestors guide my hand!"

Wympbumpe looks in all directions but cannot locate the Zhentarim Skymage. The
Nightmare is easily spotted with flames trailing behind it. From the direction of the sunset the Nightmare is seen descending toward the ship and seems to be laughing. The smell of brimstone and sulfur fill Wympbumpe's nose as it passes, Wympbumpe hides behind the mast as it screams by. Taking advantage of his position Wympbumpe lets the claw fly toward the nightmare's neck, hoping to make the horse slow down for his comrades to shoot and take cover. The claw catches hold albeit for a brief moment, enough to cause the Nightmare to change it's course away from the small gnomes. As it flies forward, it bucks throwing Wympbumpe towards the edge of the ship. The last anyone sees of Wympbumpe is his startled face with a look like "this is how it ends for me?" as he disappears overboard tumbling into the vast sea of darkness that has appeared with the setting of the sun. The image of his body tumbling uncontrollably over and over burns itself into the minds of all witness to this event.

The Zhentarim Skymage flies through the sky straight down and lands swiftly upon the deck right next to Azora. "Do I know you from somewhere? Do you already have control over these gnomes?" The Zhentarim talks to Azora as if he was a friend. Some of the gnomes look over suspiciously and start yelling "Traitor!" in Gnomish, pointing at Azora.

Azora turns to question the Zhentarim Skymage. "I want to know why the Zhentarim are attacking--how did they find out about our ship, why would they risk an attack against a gnomish airship?"

The Zhentarim Skymage nods and quickly replies as if under the effects of a truth serum.

"I am to be a decoy so that we may install a spy amongst you during this battle. I was not planning on continuing this battle for long. We found out about the ship when it visited Zhentil Keep some time ago. After our initial attack on the gnomish airship back in Zhentil Keep, three of us were sent to covertly follow it until we could enact a plan to plant a spy amongst the gnomes. The spy has a mission of obtaining detailed information on the airship including it's power source and mode of operation. After obtaining this information they were to sabotage the ship and bring this information to us at a secret location."

Azora looks intently at the mage and says, "We must halt this attack--the gnomes have greater power than reckoned, it's for your own safety!"

The Zhentarim lets an evil grin spread across his face.

"I can attempt to halt my steed, but she has her own sinister desires and may not obey me."

Azora says, "Who is the spy?" He asks quickly, hoping to get an answer before the battle continues.

The Zhentarim Skymage looks up into the night sky and points at the gnome riding the griffon.
"Zhentarim Skymage Ghenkar Fenn and "DeathBringer", his Nightmare mount, both disguised by a powerful illusion". The mage has an evil grin on his face making Azora wonder if he's really under the effects of a Charm Person spell, or pretending to be to make you think that an ally is actually a foe.

As the Nightmare moves closer, Dominu lets it pass him and then jumps out from his hiding place behind one of the sails. He brings his magical battleaxe down over his head hoping to bite at the beasts flaming ass as it charges away from him towards the group of gnomes gathered on the main deck. The axe brushes the trail of flames as the Nightmare passes. Dominu gazes upon the trail and waits patiently for his next opening.

The gnomes are well trained. The first row fires, then kneels and starts to reload while the next row prepares to let loose their rounds. Many rounds miss and seem to magically veer away from the beast, but some do hit and those that do seem to anger the beast greatly as it snorts and howls in a fiendish tounge not of this world.

The excitement and fervor of the fight causes the nightmare to emit a smoking, hot cloud of noxious vapors. It blinds and chokes all those within 10 feet of the evil steed.
Larper must make a saving throw vs. paralyzation or be at a -2 penalty on his attack and damage dice. [ Successful Save! ]

After being hit with a barrage of musket rounds the Nightmare changes course and heads straight for Larper! The Nightmare bites out with rotting, gnarled fangs from it's grotesque gaping maw. Luckily Larper hits the ground and then rolls across the deck with his sword tucked tightly to his chest. Two flaming hooves SLAM down where he was just laying. He then leaps up and lashes out at the Nightmare with his Bastard Sword holding it two handed. The Nightmare flashes up into the sky so fast his sword catches nothing but the cold night air. The trail of flames gives way to the cool night air and twinkling stars- such a serene and peaceful scene for a battle which will surely end in more than one dead. Dominu tightens his muscles and loosens his mind in preperation for ceremony, for those souls making the transition to the afterworld.

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Post 26

PCs & the Gnomes VS. Zhentarim Sky Mage & Nightmare
Round 1

Wyumpbumpe fires his musket from the shadows! A blast of firepower slams into the Mage just as he's about to unleash his wand and fury upon the little gnomes gathered on deck. He is so surprised he is stunned for just an instant. He looks down at his smoking robes and feels his chest to check how badly he's wounded. After finding himself very much alive his fear turns to anger as he gazes directly at Wyumpbumpe and now levels the wand at him. The Nightmare whinnies in the cold night air, steam and smoke billowing from his mouth. As the sun sets, pinks and reds spread across the night sky like wildfire. The Nightmare's eyes glow red and the flames seem to intensify as he readies himself for battle. Azora chants the arcane words to a spell and lets it fly towards the mage. As the spell is released, the ship seems to belch and drop about 10 feet before resuming it's normal flight. Before anyone can react the mage suddenly launches up into the dark sky and the Nightmare charges straight at the gnomes gathered on deck.

3 Wyumpbumpe
9 Azora
10 Dominu
13 Larper

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Post 25

17:17 Marpenoth 1375

The gnomes begin to secure themselves to ropes on the top deck while readying their weapons. One of the gnomes motions for you all to secure yourselves and jabbers in gnomish frantically.

I lash myself to the deck. Second, I will make sure that all of my belongings are securely fastened. I call out to my companions:

"Watch for attackers, call out if you see them!" After that I will, keep silent and stay focused.

Lazzard Straps into the nest, and holds tightly. He has his cutlass out and waves it around threateningly, cursing the beast out.

Azora follows suit with the gnomes, tying himself to the ship, and then goes with the original plan: find a place out of chaotic melee to throw spells from. I have charm person memorized.

I try to cast charm person on the rider.

[ Casting Charm Person on Zhentarim ]

I take aim with my musket and fire, if I can get a good shot.

Wympbumpe (1d20 + 2): 16 + 2 = 18
9 pts of damage!

Comments: Attack w/ musket +2 Dex bonus

Larper was in the process of climbing the ladder up to the main deck one handed. He slips and falls to the bottom of the ladder. Larper gathers himself off the ground and shakes his head. He sheathes his sword and wobbily climbs up the ladder.
"What's going on?!?! (urp)"
Once he sees the air born rider he pulls his sword once again and spreads his feet in a stance trained to receive a mounted attack. This is the young adventurer's first fight outside of the sparring ground... and he's drunk.