Saturday, January 3, 2009

Post 24

17:15 Marpenoth 12 1375

Lazzard waves the flag signaling to the gnomes that you are being attacked from below!

"Possible Zhentarim attack from below!" Lazzard calls to the gnomes and the group in the common tongue.

When Wympbumpe hears of the Zhentarim coming he freaks.

"THE ZHENT-ZEN" [clears throat] "ZHENTARIM APPROACH FROM HULL SIDE! ALL HANDS ATTACH SAFETY LINES NOW!" [With safety line already attached, places Sextant down. Then he takes his whistle in his mouth and blows as he starts loading his musket and attaching bayonet. While he's working he's cursing in Gnomish and when possible scanning the area for his boots and arm.] "Get ready for battle boys."

Wympbumpe slings the musket over his shoulder and attaches the safety strap to keep it from sliding around. He quickly puts his boots on uses a clamp on his Gnomish armor to secure his arm. Then he runs to the edge of the ship and disappears overboard! Your entire group gasps in shock at the instant suicidal loss of a crew member so strong and dedicated. There is no time to mourn though as a loud explosion suddenly erupts from beneath the ship.


Flames are seen licking up the side of the ship before they dissolve into the cooling fall air above. As the sun sets and the ship seems to climb higher into the atmosphere, there is a darkness looming above and the faint sparkles of the night stars begin to show themselves as a faint preview, vying like fireworks for control of your attention against the aggressive onslaught of your suddenly assumed enemy.

Azora runs above deck to check out the commotion.

He readies his dagger and tries to find a well defended spot to throw spells from.

Larper drunkenly leaps to his feet and whirls his head to and fro. He whips out his longsword and clambers down the wooden hallway of the ship, grabbing for handholds as the ship rocks from an explosion below. Flames burst forth from a small vent above Larpers head, luckily the flames are far enough away and he doesn't even feel the heat emanating from them.

He rushes over to a ladder and begins to quickly climb one handed to the top deck.

(Larper roll a DEX CHECK @ -2)

Everyone please note that the ship is rocking slightly from the blast that just occurred. The gnomes are all seen tying themselves to the deck with rope. This seems like a good idea.

Finally, from the flames licking up the side of the ship from below bursts a black and gold inferno shaped like a horse. The eyes and mouth of the stallion hold the burning embers of the Nine Hells while the campfires of demons engulf the hooves. The black mane whips back from his elongated neck like black worms burrowing through flesh and bone. Atop the dark hell stallion rides a man in robes as black as the night with a strange symbol in spattered yellow and gold upon them. [ Heraldy Check ] He holds a crooked gold wand pulsing with power and levels it at the deck towards the gnomes. His lips twists into a smile almost as wretched as his wand. He has green eyes the color of emeralds and black hair, white at the tips. As the two beasts begin to rise into view of the deck of the ship....

Wyumpbumpe gets a FREE move for using his magnetic boots to hide out on the edge of the ship. He didn't quite make it to the bottom, but he made it far enough to remain hidden. If the Nightmare and the supposed Zhentarim continue on their path they look to fly over the deck and perhaps circle back around? [ INT 0 for Navigational Knowledge ] (Wyumpbumpe- Also award yourself 50XP)

What do you all do???

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  1. I really like this post. I can't wait until next round!